Mbaka Lambasts pro Biafra protesters, Leaders.

mbaka crying

A Catholic Priest in Enugu, Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka has condemned the recent agitation and protests for Biafra nation describing the action as `evil.’
Mbaka made the condemnation in Enugu on Saturday in a sermon at his weekly Adoration Ministry.
The cleric urged youths in the South East and South-South to go back to their business as the protest could lead to their death.

“Locking up your shops and disrupting economic activities will not add any naira to your pocket, whatever grievance you have could be resolved through dialogue,’’ the cleric said.
He lambasted those leaders that were behind the agitation and protests, saying that they should use their children for the struggle.

Mbaka commended President Muhammadu Buhari for appointing ministers from the zone and assigning them with good portfolios.
“President Buhari’s action has proven that the South East has not been marginalized. I would have reacted if no minister emerged from the zone,’’ he said.

He said that the five states in the zone had minister each as prescribed by the Nigerian constitution as well as other key security and protocol officers that serves under president and his wife.

The reverend father attributed the recent free health screening initiative by the Wife of the president, Mrs Aisha Buhari, in Enugu to her love for the people of the region.

He blamed the Igbo leaders for not living up to the expectation of the people in the area, adding that past governors, National Assembly members failed woefully in discharging their mandates.

biafra“President Buhari is not the cause of poor roads, unemployment and other decay infrastructures in the south east, we should blame our leaders.
“Most of the roads had been awarded but our leaders squandered the fund, even the university teaching hospital in Enugu is a no-go-area and our leaders are not concerned about it,” he said.

Mbaka called on the new Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr Chris Ngige, to use his office to employ youths in the zone, adding that it would stop what he called another Boko Haram in the south east if not curtailed.
He praised Buhari’s war against corruption, saying it had enthroned due process and sanity in governance.
The cleric, however, urged Nigerians to be patient with the president as he had good plans for the country.


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Pro-biafra Protests May Destabilize Nigeria- Defence Minister

The minister of Defence, Mohammed Dan Ali, has warned that the current wave of pro-Biafra agitations in parts of the South-East of the country may escalate and constitute threat to national unity.

“Nigeria is currently facing many indices of destabilization,” the Minister said yesterday when he resumed duties at the Ship House, headquarters of the Ministry of Defence in Abuja.

According to him, the Federal Government in collaboration with what he described as stakeholders
should brainstorm and come up with a roadmap in order to abort any processes that may destabilize the nation.
He re-affirmed Federal Government’s commitment towards routing the “Boko Haram insurgency in parts of the North-East of the country.
For him, “the APC had promised even before the coming of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration that it would fight the insurgency. The terrorists are on their way out, even before the December deadline and the President has shown openly that he is ready to fight the insurgency.

The Minister said that henceforth, all procurement for the military would be guided by due process, as, according to him, “arms and ammunition, stock verification and accountability will be key and joint operation is also very important as the Army, the Air Force and the Navy. Also, jointness in operation is very important. If the army operates on its own, the Navy, the Air force must work together to achieve a common goal.

“Leadership is all about integrity, honesty and transparency. There cannot be a good leader without these three things. You cannot be a good leader if you don’t have integrity, you cannot be a good leader if you don’t have honesty, so also, transparency. Forget about corruption. Corruption can never come near you if you have these qualities. So gentlemen, we should imbibe these three qualities.

“Where is your integrity when your own Chief of Army Staff stood up and said his Commander- in- Chief of the Armed Forces has no WAEC, How? Please let us be sincere with ourselves. Because that day, you should have stood up and said no. If you leave the job, is that the end of your life? If you leave the job there are other ways, better ways that God can use to bless your life,”Ali said.

He described his appointment as ordained by God, as he noted that, “we are all selected here by the grace of the Almighty God. It is not because you are better than any other person in your locality or in your course.

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I am better than Messi – C. Ronaldo


Real Madrid forward, Cristiano Ronaldo has declared himself the best player in the world over Lionel Messi.

Ronaldo has emerged two times winner of the Ballon d’Or prize and has also maintained form for the La Liga team.

When questions about the achievements of his competitor, the Argentine forward, Lionel Messi who has been the favourite for the next award after winning the Treble with Barcelona was put to the portugal captain, he said that his rival achievements does not bother him.

“If you look back over my past eight years, I’ve always been at the peak; and that is difficult. Name me someone else who has done it? After that, being No.1 or No.2 is a matter of small details, such as if you win trophies or not.

“Perhaps for you, Messi is the best; in my head, I am the best – and everyone should think that about ourselves. That is why I have been able to achieve so much in my career.

“It was hard for me to watch Messi picking up several Ballon d’Ors. I’d be thinking, ‘Why should I go to the gala’”

If you ask me, both of them are good in their own ways, or do you think any of  them is better than the other?.

I am not shy around women – Buhari

President Mohammdu Buhari has expressed shock over comments credited to one Gideon Samani that he (Buhari) is shy around women, a development which informed less number of women in the ministerial nominations. To set the record straight, the President said the assertion was totally false, saying that he has never been shy around the opposite sex even as he declared that Samani who paraded himself as his Senior Special Assistant (Political Matters) is an impostor.

A statement from the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina revealed that such office as Senior Special Assistant, Political Matters, in the office of the President does not exist at the moment.

The statement further submitted that President Buhari who has a wife and daughters cannot be shy around women, pledging the President’s continued consideration of Nigerian women in the affairs of the nation.
The statement read thus: “The claim that President Muhammadu Buhari is shy around women, purportedly made by one Gideon Samani yesterday and published by a national newspaper today is totally fallacious.

“The subsequent attribution of the supposedly “low number” of female ministerial nominees to President Buhari’s alleged shyness around women is therefore baseless and a figment of the imagination of the said Mr. Samani, who was falsely described as the “Senior Special Assistant (Political Matters) to the President.

“The assertion by the alleged Presidential aide that President Buhari is “very shy dealing with the opposite sex” because “he has been interacting mostly with men,” was received by the President with shock and consternation.

“For one thing, there is no Senior Special Assistant, Political Matters, in the office of the President for now and Mr. Samani who was said to have spoken as the Representative of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation at a public function yesterday, is not an aide of the President.

“Mr Samani is certainly not an official spokesman of the President. Therefore, he could not have spoken on behalf of President Buhari, who is the President of all Nigerians, men and women alike.’’
“President Buhari has a wife, many daughters and female relatives whom he loves dearly. He also had a mother that he adored. How then could he be shy in the company of women, to the point of allegedly not appointing them into public offices, on account of not being comfortable in their company?

“Nigerian women can be assured that the President holds them in the highest esteem and will always give them due consideration in the discharge of his official responsibilities. “The statements attributed to Mr Samani are untrue and unauthorized. They should therefore be disregarded.”

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I have never taken a bribe in my life -Amaechi


The ministerial nominee and the ex Gov of Rivers state during the screening, was asked to  clear himself of some accusations of being corrupt. He responded thus “If there is one man that doesn’t like corruption, I don’t like corruption”. “I brought all the copies of the panel and there is no where that I was indicted,” he said.

“Now, you have asked me to define corruption, corruption is difficult to define. It is a very wide concept. If, for example, you are a public officer and you don’t collect bribe, I have never taken bribe in my life, but if they send a girl to you and you sleep with the girl and do that favour,
that means you are corrupt. “But Nigerians don’t know that; they think that corruption is only when you collect a bribe.

Corruption is a very wide concept, very wide. If people are competing for a position and you offer your son, brother or sister an opportunity to hold that position when the person is not qualified, you are corrupt.” Speaking further on corruption,

Amaechi said the All Progressives Congress (APC) was able to capture the minds of Nigerians in the last election because of the “massive corruption” under former president, Goodluck Jonathan.

He added that he defected from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the APC because he “saw change in the air”. “I hope I will not be punished if I say that there is change in the air; there is absolute change in the air and that was what led me to join the APC after leaving PDP,” he said. “I don’t think I would be doing any good to my colleagues and brothers in the PDP by explaining to them how we managed to take them out of power.

“But we sold to the public the fact that there was massive corruption in the system and that the only means to fight that corruption was to create a new government. “We had a sound-mind candidate; the candidate is a man who the Nigerian public has seen as incorruptible and that was how the party had to put President Buhari forward, and we knew that he was going to do things differently.

“As good as the former president may have been, I don’t think he was suitable enough for the growth and development of Nigeria, so we needed to offer the opportunity to somebody we believe in and we believe that Buhari is better than the former president.”


I Hug My Bible Whenever I Feel Tempted By Sexy Men- Damilola

Damilola, ex-tinsel star and wife to Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh recently made an open confession of how she handles the tempting sexy men that come her way.
The beautiful mother of one shared a particular suggestive meme on her Instagram page and gave her honest opinion about it.

The meme was a picture of a well-built gym instructor, while cooking in the kitchen and the words on it reads; “Ladies, you wake up and you see your man’s home-boy in the kitchen like this and your man is gone. What do you do?”
Mrs. Attoh’s response was quite hilarious. She wrote; “I will go back to my room, lock the door, throw the key out the window and hug my bible till I fall asleep again. They definitely sent him.”

Recall that Damilola Adegbite and her Ghanaian heart throb Chris Attoh, sprang a surprise on their fans and colleagues when they got married in an intimate ceremony in Accra, Ghana on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2015.
The couple, who were together for years had earlier announced their engagement in a spectacular display in New York City, while Dami was pregnant with their son; Brain Attoh.

So, as a lady (whether married or unmarried), what would you do if you are faced with the same circumstance? The more honest you are, the better ! let it out …


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Ban Porn sites in Nigeria, miss me – Afro candy


For some time now, the news has been spreading around that the Nigerian government is seriously considering banning of porn sites in the country. Since the news leaked, the various media, social and traditional, have been awash with all sorts of angles on the issue, with some entertainment celebrities making known their feelings.

But who would be the best person to talk on the issue if not the acclaimed Nigerian, US-based porn star, Judith Mazagwu, popularly known as Afro candy? Mind you, she has said she is not a porn star by any means, but admitted in a past interview with Vanguard, that the tag excites her.

When Potpourri got to her in US to seek her opinion on the proposed banning of porn sites in the country, her reaction was a mixture of disbelief and irritation.

“Oh really? I am just hearing about that and I guess you are asking me because I got naked and had sex live in my movie ‘Destructive Instinct’ which is on sale now, right? And also because I just launched a new video website which is just like YouTube, where members can join and upload their own videos of all kinds without restrictions or censorship?” she queries.

“Well in my opinion, I think it will be a good thing for them if that would help them concentrate on their jobs than browsing porn sites and watching porn all day instead of doing the jobs they were elected to do” she said.
She continued: “But my question is how they are going to do that? Are they going to shut down all the cyber cafes in Nigeria, shut down all the Internet Providers, close all access to Face book, YouTube, Twitter and the rest of them? For your information, all the sites I mentioned above are all porn sites in disguise and I know many government officials are on these sit

She concludes by saying ‘I am worried about nothing. My two networks, which are not porn sites even though we allow adult contents, will always be running from the United States of America. I do not only focus on Nigerian fans but also my fans all over the world including Nigerians in Diaspora’.

In your own view, do you think that those immoral sites are doing people any good? Do they not cause more harm than good both to the single and the married? The number of those whose lives have been turned upside down by  viewing the ugly sites are uncountable. Think of the addiction, infidelity amongst other ills. Is it enough for it to be banned even when the individual consumers are still wanting some more? I think the individuals should work on themselves before any other thing.  Let us know what you think about this trending issue
Cf: Vanguardngr

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Happy New Month, Get Inspired !


Dear fantastic readers, welcome to the month of September. It’s a brand new month, a new opportunity, a new beginning to keep moving forward, doing new things and getting things right. If for any reason you have not been getting it right before now, if you think you have not done well so far, it’s time to start all over again, another chance to get it right, to strive towards realizing for your dreams and goals.

How I wish you will realize today that no matter how hard things might have been for you, no matter how much you think you have failed in the past, every new day is a new opportunity to start all over again. I wish you new strength, new determination and God’s guidance. May you be inspired to grow from strength to strength this month and always. Happy new month my dear friends.

Mikel, Admin



A spouse who commits adultery fails in his/ her commitment. He/she does injury to the sign of the covenant which the marriage bond is, transgresses the rights of the other spouse, and undermines the institution of marriage by breaking the contract on which it is based. He compromises the good of human generation and the welfare of children who need their parents’ stable union.” Unfaithfulness has been the reason behind the failure and crashing of some marriages today.

The issue of infidelity is a sensitive one which a plethora of negative effects both on the couple and their offspring. Some people claim to have many reasons for cheating. Sometimes it is done without much thought or consideration of the effects. However the effects can be devastating as it takes a long time to get over and work through.

The negative effects of marital infidelity:
It has led to divorce of a lot of marriages due to some difficulties associated with it. The following are some of the effects which are always negative:

Destruction of self esteem: how this happens is that the victim of the extra-marital affair suffers much with regards to his / her self esteem. The usual thought might be ‘was I not good enough? A lot of victims of marital infidelity respond by blaming themselves. They seem to forget that it was not their fault, although there have been problems in the relationship. It could be as a result of the deficiency in your partner than in you.

2. Lack of trust: Once it has become clear that one’s spouse is involved in extra-marital affair, the one who has been cheated will find it difficult to trust the other. He /she may even start doubting their judgment of others.

3. Instability: marital infidelity brings a high sense of instability. The victim may start feeling that the world has collapsed. Those things in his/her life which gave sense of security have been shattered. According to experts, it is important to find that sense of stability inside yourself, view your survival skills from the past and belief that you can cope.

4. It generates myriads of emotions: one of the female victims of such infidelity has confided in people about her varied emotions .Sometimes she feels like crying, the next moment she starts blaming her partner, some other time she ends up blaming herself too. The victim should realize that it is normal to feel myriad of emotions when facing infidelity .

Some causes of marital Infidelity:
The causes of infidelity are deep-rooted. Though betrayal of trust and cheating by your partner can never be foreseen, there are chances that you can prevent your partner from going astray, if you know the common causes behind the problem of infidelity. The information given below might be helpful:

– Love and affection is the bond that keeps two people tied to each other. However, in many cases, over the course of time, the love almost dies. The couple remains tied to a dead relationship for a long time, which can be traced as one of the top-most causes of infidelity. The need for love and importance is the main reason for such cases of infidelity

-Spending too little time with your partner can also increase the chances of infidelity. In the run for shaping a great career and making big money, people tend to become inattentive to the needs and desires of their partner. The partners, in such cases, look outside for company, for a person who can talk to them and understand them.

-Boredom and the feeling of being trapped in a marriage is another common cause of infidelity. When these two feelings crop up in the mind of a person, he/she tends to look for external stimulation. It’s the feeling that he/she will receive from outside, which his/her long time partner will not be able to give, accentuates the scope of having an ‘extramarital’ affair.

-Sometimes, a person gets married due to pressures from the family, rather than love. In such cases, two incompatible people might end up getting married. They are simply not made for each other. In such circumstances, it is the need for a person with the same mentality that results in infidelity

Getting over marital infidelity – The way out
Obviously, one of the difficult things that occupy the minds of any person being cheated in marriage is ; whether the relationship will survive such trying moment. The survival of such a marriage depends on a lot of things which include:

Restoring trust: trust should be restored and the partner that cheated must be willing to cooperate in order to make to restore that trust easily. There should be willingness to disclose all information regarding the infidelity. The partner who has cheated must be fully remorseful for such action and be ready to cut contact / communication with the intruder.

Forgiveness: this is a major aspect of the solution. When the cheater earns your forgiveness and is willing to work towards restoring the lost trust in him or her, if you are ready to forgive and support the partner, your marriage can survive the infidelity.

Being under the influence of alcohol /drug is another booster of infidelity though it’s not an excuse. It is obvious that alcohol can influence certain people to do things they would not have done under normal circumstances. You must figure out whether it was your spouse that drives the behaviour or the drug/alcohol. If your spouse has a history of alcohol/drug abuse along with infidelity, you may not want to enable their behaviour by

Continually forgiving bad behaviour.
According to those who have been victims of infidelity and some experts in such area, rebuilding a marriage after infidelity is not an easy task to handle .The partner who has cheated should play a vital role in providing whatever the victim needs for them to rebuild the lost trust and again be committed to the marriage.

let us know your view about this topic and feel free to make your contributions known in the comment thread.


Sometimes it is easy to become
complacent, okay with where you are yet
not necessarily content. Knowing that at
some point in life you had goals and dreams
you wanted to achieve, here are reasons
why you’re still not enjoying your life the
way you should. What is life after all if we
do not go out and live it!

1. Too Much Worry

Worry comes from the emotional state of
fear. Being fearful of life can eventually
create distress and anger. It can definitely
effect everything we do and keep us from
accomplishing our dreams. Let go of the
worry and plan to reach for the stars. What
can you do to drastically change the way
your enjoy life without worry? Do not give
into any thought of what others may think
of you and just enjoy what you have and
what you want to go for. Let the worry and
fear go and in its place, find something that
keeps you feeling happy, grateful and

2. Not Enough Time
Devoted To
Accomplishing Your

Devote more time to accomplishing your
dreams. What is it in life that you want to
do and where do you want life to take
you? Do not give up on what you would like
to see in your life, rather take the time to
figure out what you want and take time
daily to accomplish that. Whether you
simply want to be happy or save money for
a dream vacation, doing something daily in
order to get there makes all the difference.
You will be enjoying the life you deserve in
no time!

3. Not Enough

A lack of encouragement can also crush
spirits . Remember that encouragement does
not always necessarily have to come from
others, you must learn to encourage
yourself as well. Everyday remind yourself
that you have purpose, you have reason,
and you will be okay. Motivate yourself first
and see it as an added bonus to be
encouraged by others.

4. Lack Of Your Sense Of

Having a lack of your sense of who you are
and how you fit in the world can also be
cause by not enough encouragement and a
lack of motivation. Think about it, be
conscious of the fact that no matter what
obstacles you may have faced, today you
are still here. See yourself as part of a
world that continues to work because you
are also a big part of it. Let your self-
awareness be a positive force in your
pursuit of happiness. You continue to
progress because you have purpose and you
also have a very meaningful connection to
the rest of the world.

5. Need To Take More

Take more risks in the right direction and
enjoy a level of surprise and enlightenment.
Do not be afraid to try new things and
enjoy them, that is what life is all about.
Keep life meaningful and fun
and live to the fullest! What is life after all if we
do not go out and live it!

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